1 Simple Way To Distinguish Yourself From The Competition

Hey friend,

I recently read a sales letter from a guy named Ross Browning.

I wanted to share it with you because I really appreciated something cool Ross did with his copy…

He got creative.

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Creativity is extremely under-played in copywriting these days. Most of what’s out there is badly written templates that have been recycled over and over and over again.

…But the worst part is the people who use these templates put no effort into making them original. They simply plug in their product name, and publish it to the web.

I say let’em have at it.

Because for those of us who do put effort into creating something unique and original – we get noticed.

When you take the time to craft a unique sales message – just by doing that you’re distinguishing yourself from your competition.


Because they’re probably using worn out templates, or something dull, dry, and frankly, boring.

Now, Ross took a very unique angle on a very old tactic…

The tactic? He held a sale. Nothing original there.


How he did it? Well, that’s another story.

He gave one of the funniest, and most personable, “reasons why” I’ve seen lately.

Here’s what he did…

Ross told the story of his newborn child. And how, when she was born, this teenage girl photographer came and took pictures of the baby with Ross and his wife.

And THEN – the girl left, and came back a little while later with a full slideshow of the pictures on her Macbook, with beautiful, emotional music playing.

Baby  4

…That’s just not fair, if you ask me.

“Get me those pictures!” his wife told him.

So he needed a quick $600. Turns out the teenage girl was quite the saleswoman, and charged quite a fee.

So to get that $600, he was holding a sale.

Pretty cool, right?

However, taking just a few minutes to come up with a good “reason why” makes such a drastic difference. You could really relate to Ross’s message, and you wanted to help the guy out!

Especially the parents out there. I’m sure they went bonkers over that letter.

Let’s check out another example…

One of my favorite copywriters of all time, Gary Halbert, was once asked by a friend of his…

“Gary, I want to get a book on copywriting today. What should I get?”

Gary thought a moment, and then handed him his favorite novel.

“What’s this?” the guy asked.

And then Gary said something like, “You’ll get more out of reading master storytellers than you ever will reading a ‘how to’ book on copywriting. After all, copywriting is storytelling, and that guy has it down like no other.”

So… If one of the most renowned copywriters of all time is urging us to use creative story telling in our writing… We probably should, right?

What’s your take on all this?


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  1. David,
    Concerning the second example from Gary Halbert:The exact same thing happened to me!I’ve been corresponding with a Halbert protege named D.G.I asked him the same question & he sent me one of Halbert’s favorite books “Bright Orange For The Shroud” by John D. MacDonald.He said that Gary told him that this(storytelling) would be more useful than some copywriting course!Anyway,thought this might be helpful to post.Have a terrific weekend!

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