The Right Way to Improve Your Copywriting Skills.

In my observation – after a good number of years in the copywriting game –

I’ve noticed two approaches to learning.

One of them is wrong. One of them is right.

One promises quick riches. One promises profound growth as a writer.

Guess which one appeals to the majority?

Quick riches, as nice as they sound, are just that – quick riches. Even if you obtain them – they’re so quick they leave before you know it. And then, you don’t have the foundation required to get them back.

However, if you have a powerful understanding of copywriting – none of your successes will be “lucky”.

Successes will be very, very expected.

In fact, the occasional failure will be the only thing unexpected. 

So, enough foreplay… what is this correct method to learning copywriting?

Learn from the inside out… Not the outside in (this vague phrase to be explained…)

So, some of you might have a realization from the phrase above. But! I realize it’s very vague 😉

Hence, an explanation:

Most people try to learn copy from the outside in. They learn things like:

  • “Hot selling words”…
  • “Phrases that make or break sales”…
  • “What words to use – and what words not to use”…
  • “What template to follow in writing your copy”…

– etc.

However, these are all very superficial.

Products and books that teach these are expecting one of three things of you:

  1. They think you’re too lazy to learn the true foundations behind expert copywriting…
  2. They think haven’t yet figured out that these products are superficial & ineffective without a strong foundation…
  3. They think, though know this is rare, that you already have a strong foundation, and can add their knowledge to that foundation…

Now, I’m not saying that you actually have any of these qualities. I’m saying that books like these only sell to people who do. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.

(And also – I don’t mean to encompass EVERY book or product like this… obviously there are some out there that really care about the people who purchase them.)

Because the truth that expert copywriters know – and don’t always tell you –

… is that word choice is NOT the most important thing in copywriting!

Now, it is very important. However – there are pieces of copy that work wonders, yet they go against all of the “right” words & ways to write copy.

How is this possible?

Well, either the writer was very, very lucky. Or, more likely…

The writer understands copy from the inside-out! 

They know how their words will affect the reader. They understand the emotional and psychological impact copy has. They understand how to…

Engage the human psyche.

And more importantly, how to show the human psyche that a product or service will be a good purchase.

If you can figure out how to do that – everything else is gravy.

If you understand this concept – from the inside-out….

All of the right words will simply come to you, and fall right into place.

Now, of course you also want to learn from the target market what key words they use to describe their problems… But in truth, it really is that simple.

So, from now on, focus your studying efforts into understanding what goes behind expert copy. Ask yourself questions like… “WHY did that writer use that word?”

And notice how that question is so different from a statement like… “That writer used that word, and that copy was successful. Therefore if I use that word – my copy will be successful!”

The statement above is dead wrong! You want to know WHY the writer used that word. Nothing else matters.

Till next time,


3 Replies to “The Right Way to Improve Your Copywriting Skills.”

  1. Very interesting I must say. Found your link on Steve’s blog and although simple, your insights are at least very appealing. I’ll stick around 😉 Thanks.

    Erik from Holland

  2. I came across this site seemingly by mistake. You see i started learning how to make copy and i find it extremely fascinating on how a letter can make a person decide to buy or not.

    I’m just a newbie and would like to learn so i think this site might be for me!

  3. I fully agree. It’s not what words you use, it’s how you use the words you use. To sound genuinely they have to come from inside. Copy constructed from clichés sounds artificial.
    I found out many years ago that, in order to write better copy, it helps to read a hell of lot of good copy. I used to collect well written ads and I still save a brilliant ad when I come across one. In my case Dutch ads.
    But I also recommend any copywriter to read – and enjoy – The Copy Book.
    Good copy ads will teach you how to skip the bullshit and be sparse with adjectives. They will also help you get back on track when you get stuck. You’re not copying anything from them, they just help you to get back in the right flow of words.
    A final lesson I learned: If it was fun to write, it’ll probably be fun to read. Try that with knitted clichés. It won’t ever work.
    Thanks for this nice blog, David.

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