The Power of Asking


Many years ago I asked someone for help. I was completely stuck. I thought there were no options, no ways out.

And then I asked for help. I asked someone who had been in my same situation.

She took one look at my problem, and instantly had 3 or 4 ideas that I hadn’t even thought of.

She had other ideas that I had thought of, but cast them aside before even trying them out. But hearing her say them confirmed in my mind that they were good ideas.

I put her advice to action, and my situation changed. Immediately. I no longer suffered from my problem – and I was now in a place to help others who were.

Now, I know that was really vague, but I left it vague for a reason. I’m sure in your business there are one, two, probably even three or four things that you feel stuck with.

You could probably fill in the blanks of this story with a problem of your own.

Only right now you’re in the ‘stuck’ phase. However, your problem could immediately go away too if you ask the right person for help.

If your problem is something you feel I could help you with, you’re welcome to contact me. I offer private consultations which you can find out more about here (click on the word “here” in that sentence).

If your problem is something that someone else could help you with – start asking those other people!

I once read in a book by Jack Canfield a story where he was talking with his hair stylist who wanted to start her own business.

“I’d do it but I just don’t know how,” she told him.

“Well, why don’t you approach the owner of a successful hair salon, take her out to lunch, and ask her how she did it?” Jack replied.

“You can do that?” she said back, startled.

Yes, you can do that. You can just approach people and ask them for help. Most people who have solved the problem that you now find yourself in are more than glad to offer their assistance.

We’re kind of bred though to not ask questions. Asking questions means we’re “incompetent” or “unknowledgeable”.

But how are we supposed to get the knowledge unless we ask for it first?

What are your thoughts about all of this? Do you have any personal stories about this like I do, or do you completely disagree with everything I just said?

As always, I’d love your input. The comment box is right below this post – just scroll down and fill it out.

Talk soon,


7 Replies to “The Power of Asking”

    1. Hey Chris,

      I’m a bit confused about what you mean but feel free to contact me when you’re ready.


  1. David,
    What more can I say,you hit the nail on the head! My grandfather always told me that “there’s no such thing as a stupid question.The only thing stupid is not asking”.
    I’ve been amazed throughout my life how many times I’ve been stuck & simply humbled myself to ask the folks in the know how they’d handle it.Invariably,to a person,they have all been delighted to offer sincere advice that’s turned out to be exactly what I needed to get unstuck.Hope this helps?
    Bryan A.
    P.S. The worst thing that can happen is for them to say “NO”. Then go ask someone else!

    1. Hey Bryan,

      Couldn’t agree more. I think that because you have to drop your pride for a minute to ask for help, some people would rather just not do it. The thing is though, ironically, I think it takes someone with more confidence to ask for help then someone who isn’t willing to. It’s like a statement that you’re comfortable enough with yourself to not be good at something, or to accept that someone could be better, or just different, at it.

      By the way your grandpa sounds like a cool guy 🙂


  2. David
    You make an excellent observation. I like to find someone who is doing what I would like to do and model them.

    Experience is golden and this helps to shorten the learning curve.

    “expand your reality to fit you dreams”

    1. Hey Chris,

      Me too. When I first get into something sometimes I even copy someone verbatim – then the more comfy I get with it I start to do my own thing with it. But it’s always quicker when I pick someone who’s already damn good at something, and just follow in their foot steps.

      Hope everything’s awesome,

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