The Most Important Piece of Copywriting Advice I Could Ever Offer You.

There truly is nothing more powerful, in my opinion, than the advice I am about to give you on copywriting. Everything else that you do revolves around this. Everything else is to obtain this one certain thing.

Some people truly grasp it. They simply get it – something “clicks” in their minds – and their copy changes forever.

Others struggle with this – and never quite get a grip on it. They may still write decent copy, but it’s always missing that one crucial element…

Show. That. You. Get. It.

That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Show that you understand. Show that you get it – that you get what your reader is thinking, feeling, and experiencing.

That is the most powerful piece of advice I could ever offer you. Forget rules, forget benefits and features, forget it all… If nothing else – just do this. And you’ll do alright.

No – you’ll do great.

You might be a bit confused right now. That’s alright. I’m going to explain it very, very clearly for you.

Pretend in New York City, New York there was a real estate convention. Agents from all over the country got together to learn from each other, share secrets, swap stories, network, expand, and just sit around and chat.

In walk two fellows.

Both carry briefcases, and wear khaki suits, and brown shoes. You see them periodically stop and talk to some of the other agents. They walk separately, yet they have something in common. Whoever they’re talking to, they’ll open their briefcases up, pull out some papers, show them to the person in front of them – and then that person will nod their head “yes” or “no”. If they nod “no” – the briefcase men pack up and move on to the next person.

Ah, of course – they’re salesmen! And they’re pitching something to the real estate agents.

However, one is getting a heck of a lot more yes’s than the other. Why could that be?

Out of curiosity, you inch closer. You stand near the first man, and listen to his pitch. Maybe you’ll get it if it sounds good. But something is off…

His language is all wrong. His stories don’t add up. Wait a sec… Has this guy ever sold a house in his life? And now he’s going around selling a course on how to get more real estate business?

It becomes obvious why everyone nods their heads “no” to that guy.

And then you come closer to the second man.

He’s natural and fluid in his speech. His guest looks at him with keen interest. He tells stories about houses he’s sold – and the stresses that comes with them. He shares stories about his failures and successes. And whoever he’s talking to nods along to everything he says, and repeats after each story…

“Oh, I know how that is! Happened to me just last week!”

It’s obvious this guy knows his stuff. He knows the lingo. He knows the stories. He knows the tone of voice that works.

In short – he gets it.

He truly knows what kinds of problems other agents have – and what it takes to overcome them.

He’s selling his course like hot cakes!

In fact, you’re considering to buy it yourself –

and he hasn’t even spoken with you!

Are you getting a glimpse now into what I’m really talking about?

Are you starting to see the power of this idea? And how revolutionary it could be for you and your business?

Testimonials… Irresistible offers… Pretty designs… All of that comes second to showing that you truly understand what your prospect wants and needs. What they’re going through – and that you’re in the trenches right alongside them.

People who experience the same problems have a sense of comradery with each other. Be their comrade! Jump into the storm with them, and lead them out! Toss them a rope and pull’em to shore.

And be sincere and genuine. I know these days it’s not as popular to be compassionate and sincere…

… But in copy, it works.

Give it a try. You’ll see.

Till next time,

2 Replies to “The Most Important Piece of Copywriting Advice I Could Ever Offer You.”

  1. Great advice, David! As you know, I write about freelance design and entrepreneurship and I find the posts that resonate the most come from real experiences I’ve had where the “theory” posts don’t resonate. So this is totally true in my experience. Thanks for sharing. How’s everything going?

    1. Preston! Great to hear from you man! Things are going very well, thanks for asking :-). The new GDB layout looks awesome. I love it. Your headlines look great too 😉 haha. How’s everything for you? Hope all is well.

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