Urgency: The Savior of Sucky Sales (plus some good news!)


Awesome news… My life partner (and business partner), Louisa Levit, won this super-competitive logo competition, and she’s gonna be published in a book!

Lou is a KILLER graphic designer – and the logo she created for this thing is absolutely brilliant.

Here – Lou and I got together some samples of her work to show you (hey – it’s fun to show off from time to time 🙂 )…

The Logo That's Being Published - "Green Clean Moving" - an eco-friendly moving company

Deux Maries Frameshop
Cover for a DVD info product
Our business card (mine says copywriter...)
Me and Lou on vacation

Pretty awesome stuff, right?

Like I said, Lou is super talented. The first logo (the one that won) is just brilliant. It’s for an eco-friendly moving company.

Now for a funny story about Lou with great copywriting tips hidden inside…

So, the other day I wanted to go to the local bookstore at like 9:50pm, get some coffee, hang out, and get some work done till they closed at 11.

Here’s the thing…

The cafe closes at 10:00 even though the store closes at 11:00.

Lou only wanted to go if she could go to the cafe.

“It’s gonna close by the time we get there – it’s practically 10,” she said.

“Actually… It’s a 2 minute drive, and it’s 9:50 – if we leave right NOW we can make it!” I told her.

All of a sudden she leaped off the couch – ran to the door – put her shoes on, and we were off.

Now here’s the lesson in all of this…

Urgency works!!!

Right as we were getting into the car, I realized what an awesome copywriting lesson that was. Knowing there was only 10 minutes left got her moving like a track star.

Before? She was as likely to get off the couch as a slug is likely to chow down on salt.

So if you find you’re not getting the response you’d like – add some urgency! Put a deadline on your offer, raise the price after the first X amount of orders, or something similar.

I’ll leave it to your imagination to come up with the best option for you 😉

Have a great one,


5 Replies to “Urgency: The Savior of Sucky Sales (plus some good news!)”

    1. Hey August,

      Glad you liked them 🙂

      If you look at the stopwatch though… It’s actually showing seconds – not minutes. Otherwise I’d agree with ya.


  1. Hi
    I wanted to update Lou’s traveling painting project website but cannot find it. Someone left one of her paintings in a bar I own in Scotland, I stumbled across it and took it with me to the Monaco Grand Prix where I also work and Nice in the South of France to an old Art Deco villa we stay in. I thought she would appreciate an update on the progress of the individual piece and would be grateful if you would pass this on or point me in the right direction. Regards, Ed.

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