Romeo Comic #1: A Powerful Way to Write Killer Copy That Doesn’t Even Involve Writing

Hey friend,

So someone I know showed me a very… weird… copywriting tactic. He mentioned things like "cigars"… "suave clothes"… and some other stuff I couldn't quite understand.

Okay, okay… So he's not really someone I know. He's actually a character I created…

Introducing my new comic series: "Advice from Romeo"

Romeo's a bad ass, cigar-chewing, copywriting maniac. 

But he's full of great tips. In fact, he teaches me something new all the time (and I'm the guy who made him!)

Here's the first tip of many in the "Advice from Romeo" series:


Romeo also gave me advice that had something to do with bodies and car trunks… but somehow it didn't seem right for this blog.


But while we're talking about writing environments and strange writing rituals… What are yours?

What do you do to set up your perfect writing environment?

What are your weird rituals? (C'mon – I know you have them! if you check the comments… I shared a couple of mine).

Talk to you below,

12 Replies to “Romeo Comic #1: A Powerful Way to Write Killer Copy That Doesn’t Even Involve Writing”

  1. Romeo is talking about a subjective and personalised ideologies as to making room for his concentration, i will prefer a cool quiet atmosphere to prevail and probably with glass of a chilled fruit drink….haha gulping down on my creativity

    1. Hey Isaac,

      I think he is too 😉 Right on with the juice man. Gulping down creativity… lol

      I was trying to think of my perfect environment… and I think it changes a lot. Depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s Starbucks, on one of their big comfy couches. Sometimes at home, in my home office, by myself, and with the lights off (weird, I know.) Sometimes even while driving (inspiration strikes at the oddest times).

      Oh, and something weird…

      I write copy better when I have headphones in my ears – but no music. I do it all the time. Practically every time I write.

      Is there anything else you do to your environment? Any weird / unusual rituals you have before you sit down to write copy?


  2. I like writing in the night. Take a shower, put on some perfume, wear comfortable and loose clothes, crouch in chairs with bare feet. Then writing on a notebook not typing in computer.

    1. Hey Shirley,

      Thanks for sharing – that’s really interesting. So at night, after your day is totally over, you like to put on perfume to help your writing? I like that. It’s very unique.

      I hear you about notebooks, and not computers. Sometimes I can’t say what I want to say in front of the glowing screen. There’s something zen-like about notebooks… how you have to craft every letter, the spaces between words. The act of writing can be so soothing.

      Thanks again for sharing. Do you do this just when writing copy? Or do you write other things too? (like journal, poetry, fiction, anything?)

      I also noticed you used a lot of very concrete details in your comment… “bare feet” “loose clothes” “crouch in chairs”… Do you always use those in writing? I really liked it.


      1. Hi David,

        Writing isn’t my job. So most time I just write diary. down Writing down somthing that is important or meaning in my life. Maybe one day when I am alone I can read them to remind me of the happy or hesitating life.

  3. David,

    I absolutely LOVE this Romeo comic. I have to see more of these so you better keep ’em coming. Ya hear me? When I write I like to type on your mac book pro. It makes such a difference using things you love to write with. It makes you feel so smooth and cool.


    1. Hey, haha you got it! It’s a fun comic to make. And I know what you mean about the MacBook Pro… just keep in mind it’s MY MPB and not YOURS, k? lol.


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  5. I usually wait for everyone to go to bed before i even start. I even get myself a tall glass of water pen and notepad and of course silence. Just me and the cat.

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