Presenting With a BANG: A Great Way To Get New Clients (for any business)

Hey friend,

I just got back from giving a talk tonight.

The thing was supposed to be about 1 hour. Ended up being 2 and a half.

It was exhausting – and great. And because it was a small group we got to interact a lot. You know, just kick back and do a lot of question / answer type stuff.

They were a cool group too. A hungry group. They sucked me dry of more copywriting knowledge than I've ever given away in such a short period of time. The basterds 😉

Which leads me to…

…One of the most powerful ways I know of building credibility, trust, and getting new business: public speaking.

And there are a few reasons why…

For one, we’re conditioned to view speakers as experts. By default, if someone takes the stage, and gives a presentation…

They’re an expert on that subject.

Next, it gives you a chance to show off “how good you are.” If you give a talk, and people walk away with awesome, practical advice – you’re showing them before they even do business with you that you deliver results.

And finally…

People like to do business with people they like –

so by letting them get to know you in your speech, you can start to build a relationship with them, and increase their chances of hiring you / buying your products.

But the key is to making this all work is by making an AMAZING impression on your audience… Here are a few ways to do that…

1. Give away an awesome gift.

I like to provide everyone with awesome, printed materials they can walk away with. I’ll also provide pens and paper for note taking.

People really appreciate small stuff like that. It shows you really care, and that you really want to help.

2. Really stack on the value.

Provide a HIGH level of value in your content. Give the kind of content for FREE that people pay for.

They will love you to pieces. Trust me. And a side effect of really helping people is they want to help you back. This is where you get business and referrals.

I’ve walked away from a presentation with a full page of leads before – filled from top to bottom (even the margins).

Oh, and it was only a 5 minute presentation!

3. Tell stories about your customers / clients.

One thing I like to do is to tell success stories of clients – and then break down for my audience how everything worked.

This accomplishes three things…

1. It shows that I help people succeed in their goals.

2. It lets the audience imagine what it would be like to work with me, and decide if they want a similar experience.

3. It shows them real world examples that they can apply to their businesses / lives. I’m not giving “abstract” information. It’s very real, and very practical.

4. At the end of your talk – tell people what to do next!

Just like any good ad – a good talk should end with a call to action.

You can tell people about a product you’re promoting, offer your services, a free consultation – anything.

Just make sure you tell them how to get in touch with you. Tell them to call – and give your number. Or give your e-mail address and tell them to write.

Just make sure you give clear, concise instructions.

Now, this stuff takes practice.

You won't become a Martin Luther King over night. Trust me – I'm still on the learning curve of public speaking myself. 

But I can tell you this – it's one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever come across.

What are your thoughts?

I’d love to hear them. Did you learn something new? Or maybe you think this is all "rubbish" (to be British for a second)? 😉

Leave a comment in the comment box below and let me know.

Talk soon,

p.s. Part 2 of my "incredible revealation" is coming up soon… If you don't remember, you can check out part 1 here:

Keep a look out…

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