Why the word “no” could instantly boost your sales

The word “no” is gonna bring you more sales.

Here, lemme explain…

Remember back in high school the person who you had a crush on, but they didn’t have a crush on you?

Remember how that made you even crazier about them? And how you filled with that stomach-churning jealousy every time you saw them with someone else?

You can do that to your prospects, too.

Well… Not the whole “stomach-churning if I don’t have you then life is pointless” mindset like you had back in highschool…

But taking away your offer – or – talking about who your offer ISN’T for can have a similar effect…

Increased desire.

So say no in your writing. You and your product are not for everyone. I know that my copywriting services are not for people who expect my copywriting to be their magic bullet, or for people who don’t trust my judgement and expertise, or for people who aren’t going to take my copy and use it for great things.

And when I talk to prospects I let them know this.

The result?

I only work with the people I want to, and those people appreciate working with me even more knowing that I turn away others.

It makes them even more valuable. And they are. Because I greatly value their positive mindset and attitude.

Do you see where I’m goin’ with this?

Turn away business in your writing. Here, I’ll send you off with an example:

Whoa, hold on there just a second!

Now I’m definitely NOT saying that buying this product is going to solve every one of your problems and make you a millionaire overnight.

If you think that then I’m going to have to ask you to leave this page.

What I’m saying is if you put it to proper use – if you take the time to go through the directions and use it just as me and many other people have…

You’ll see great results with it. And if you don’t? Send it back. Please. And you’ll receive a full refund, too.

etc., etc., etc.

Have a great one,


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