How a trip to the guitar store taught me a HUGE business lesson

Hey there,

So I just had a very “educational” trip to the guitar store. It inspired a whole rant on a mighty important subject.

This is very important-like so relax, settle back in your seat, and listen to the 3 minutes and 30 seconds recording I made along the way.

Just click on “My Trip to the Guitar Store” below and it’ll automatically start playin’.

My Trip to the Guitar Store


So I got my guitar back… And I decided to play some tunes and share them with you 🙂

I originally recorded this as a video – but the format wasn’t coming out right so I just made it an mp3.

Just click below to check it out – and will you leave me a comment telling me what you think?

Me Playing Some Trusty Guitar

Talk to you soon,


3 Replies to “How a trip to the guitar store taught me a HUGE business lesson”

  1. Hey- by the way – any other guitar players out there? Do you feel me on re-stringing your classical? 😉


  2. Also – a great place to find people to do your “dirty work” is

    I advise only hiring people from North America because of communication barriers – but that’s your call.


  3. If it wasn’t for me having to scroll down forever to post a comment, I would have given this post a “10”. Keep up the great job on the site either way. All my best.

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