Why people can hate you and still jump over hurdles to buy from you (my newest revelation!)

Hey there,

Some big idea’s been brewing in me these past few days. And it all came together for me tonight. And guess what I was doing when I had this awesome thought?

Watching the new Shrek movie!


I swear to God. No fingers crossed. Something about Mike Meyers’ voice behind that big green ogre made me realize something huge.

Here’s a few clues about what this thing is… See if you can put them all together.

  • Clue #1… 

    My business and life partner Louisa hates a certain internet marketer (yet she stays on his list – I don’t know why). She also never watches a single video, opts-in for any offer, or anything like that. Never.

    Yesterday she did both. She opted in for a video!

    Clue #2…

  • I really, really did not want to see the movie Shrek. However, after Lou hounded me all week about it, I caved in.

    Most of the movie was okay. I didn’t think it lived up to the other Shrek movies. Actually, I haven’t like a single one since Shrek 1.

    HOWEVER… There were still some scenes that made me laugh, and some even got me teary-eyed (yes, I got teary-eyed watching Shrek. Go ahead. Mock me. Get it out of your system already – you know you want to!)


So, were you able to put the pieces together?

You say you weren’t? Well why not? All the clues are right there in front of you!

These weren’t good clues? Oh, well, I guess that could be… I’m asking myself questions and answering them? It’s creeping you out, you say?

Aaaanyyywaaayyyys…. Ahem…


Here’s the “Big Secret”!

It doesn’t matter how much someone hates something, or someone.

Put that person in front of the right message – and they will respond to it!

Why did Lou opt-in for a video? The offer was right.

Why did I laugh and cry in a few scenes of Shrek? I couldn’t help myself! They appealed to my funny-bone and my sad-bone.

The point is – if something gets an emotional reaction out of us… there’s really no use in fighting it. In fact, we can’t fight it. We can’t resist.

It becomes irresistible.

We laugh when something’s funny. We cry when it’s sad. We BUY when the offer is just right.


The Big Question…

How can you make what you're selling irresistible? Well, guess you’ll just have to tune in next time. (Evil, I know).

Till then,


p.s. The comment box is below. You know what to do with it.

11 Replies to “Why people can hate you and still jump over hurdles to buy from you (my newest revelation!)”

  1. DAVID!

    This post is awesome. It made me laugh a lot because it's funny. You bring really awesome points to the table that are super important to understand for anyone who wants to see results from their advertising.

    I didn't hound you! All I did was tell you that you're gonna end up seeing it with me, so you might as well give up :D. 

    I did opt-in to his offer. I'm a sucker for the right offer – I'll be the first to admit it. I'm aware of it when it's happening though. It's like an irresistible force! Shoes… marketing materials… ohhh don't get me started on design stuff… tea boxes… hell, with tea boxes there doesn't even have to be an offer! 

    I'll be looking for your next post on making things irresistible. 

    Talk soon, 


    We both know why you cried during Shrek. 

  2. HAHA! You and your tea boxes. Hilarious comment. Thanks for leaving it. I laughed out loud.

    Oh, and me too about being aware while it's happening. Whenever I come across an offer like that, a part of me is into the offer – the other part is studying it inside and out to see how they did it. And how I can too.


  3. Video stuff has gotten far too widespread. I view them as a total waste of time, mostly telling the crap story of how the GOOROO was once a pauper like you, and why you should give him your money. Then a blatant sales pitch. Screw ’em. Any 30 minute video with the money button embedded at the end- you will never sell me anything. I want good sales copy that will answer WIIFM if I buy it, and what the guarantee is. TEXT so I can scan it quickly and find out what I need to know. A three minute power video is OK, maybe. Any more and I am gone and will not open your emails in the future. If you use Aweber, I will leave your list.
    This is exactly what you are talking about- emotion- but the other side of the double-edged sword…rip me off, piss me off, waste my precious time and you are my sworn enemy. Not only will I not buy from you, I will go out of my way to tell others what I feel about you and why. Be careful to kick in the RIGHT emotions…

    1. Alex,

      Well said. I couldn’t agree more. You know what’s crazy? Before even reading your comment I was in the other room thinking about how video has become this fad… and everyone thinks it’s wiping text copy off the face of the earth… Puh-leez.

      But you’re absolutely right. If someone gets your emotions dancing about an offer – they’d better deliver or, like you said, they’re gonna make some “sworn enemies”.

      Sounds like you’ve had some bad experiences with this. Care to share?

      Thanks for your comment. Leave more. Your honesty is refreshing.


    1. Eh… Did you actually read the post? I said I DON’T like Shrek movies… just the first one… Kinda makes me think this is a spam comment <_<

  4. Hi David,

    I am from China. To be frank somtimes I just can’t figure out the humour of your words. But I love to read idiomatic English. By the way I also see Shrek 4 and laugh and cry. funny-bone, sad-bone? interesting.

  5. Video seem to be the next big thing. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but, hey, a good writer can paint a pretty picture with much less words than that.

    Liked the first Shrek (and that “Hallelujah” song always makes me tear up), second was ho-hum, haven’t seen the last two.

  6. Seriosly, I’m any web site buff with all the blogs out there currently, not all of them that was published shines like yours may. Your blog captured my attention and i also enjoy your thinking this you’ve benn distributed to us..Thumbs right up!

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