My Newest Revelation… Part II


So in part 1 of "My Newest Revelation" we left off saying that when you put the right person in front of the right offer – you get a response. (If you haven't read part 1 yet – here's the link: Click for Part I)

We even went so far as to say that the person can't help but respond. Crazy talk, right?

And I gave examples to support this.

But that lead to a very important question…

"How do you know what that irresistible offer is?" and even more importantly…

"How do you CRAFT an irresistible offer?"

First, let's explore a few possible answers… (these are real-life assumptions many people have about product / service creation…

  1. You create products, and see the reaction they get
  2. You see what other products are out there, and copy them
  3. Ask an expert what to make your product about 


So let's examine these one by one…

First off – testing is key to any marketing campaign – but putting hours of your time and energy into creating products without knowing beforehand whether or not they'll sell is not such a bright idea.

And any expert who tells you a product off the top of his / her head might not be such an expert after all (unless they have a TON of experience in your specific niche. Even so – your own research will always be more powerful than blindly following what someone else tells you…)

Next, seeing what other products are out there is close – but there's something wayyy more powerful you can do…

Find out what problems that product solves. Find out other problems the target market has that the product ISN'T solving. Because…


Then, we can make a product that solves those problems differently, and better.

And what's the best way to find out what those burning problems are?

Listen to people in your target market. Simply observe them.

They're not hiding. 

Go onto forums they visit regularly and see what kinds of posts get the hottest reactions. 

Check out Amazon book reviews and see why people are raving about certain books – and shooting down others.

Talk to people! I know… I know… In this day and age we've made it possible to avoid talking to people at all costs. But nothing beats looking people in the eyes and hearing about their problems firsthand.



You'll start to see a pattern.

Say people in your market have the problem of not getting enough clients. They want to know how to get more clients.

That's good – but let's try to get even closer…

Say through conversing with a good handful of your past clients (who are, of course, your target market) you get a list of things they're willing to do, and not willing to do, to get new clients.

Say they're willing to spend hours at the computer – but they won't go out and approach strangers for the life of them.


Okay – we're getting closer to our irresistible offer…

Now say, you also discover that they're not technically savvy. They can manage e-mails and "the Google" – but not much else.

Okay, even closer…


And finally…

Let's say if at all possible – they want to be able to teach whatever marketing methods they learn to their assistants. They'd rather use their time for other things – like eating Big Macs and watching the baseball game.

So let's put the pieces together…

They want a method of getting clients that they can do from home, on their personal computers. It can't require any advanced computer skills, and it requires step-by-step instructions so they can teach it to their assistants.


Here's your task…

Figure out how to friggin do this! And you're sitting on a gold mine! 

Find out how people in the specific profession of your market can easily get clients on-line without any crazy HTML knowledge or anything.

Then, tell as many people in your target market about it as possible.


You now have yourself an irresistible offer.

And all you had to do was sit back, and listen to people talk. And read some forum postings. And fiddle around on Amazon.

Pretty cool, right?


Advertising boils down to just one thing…

It's all about connecting people with solutions, to people with problems. But step 1 is to come up with that solution.

Hopefully now you have a nice road map to help you get there.


What are your thoughts?

Am I spot on? Missing something? Out of my mind? 🙂

I'd love to hear your input.


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