“If you’re not using this 1 simple method in your copy… You’re leaving thousands of dollars out on the table.”

Dear all-star copywriter,

Hi, I’m David Tendrich, founder and writer of —

LOL sorry – I’m so used to writing “Dear Friend” letters that I almost turned this blog post into one. Do you ever have that problem too? You write copy so much that it starts coming out even when you’re writing to friends? Or talking on the phone? Or maybe I’m just obsessed…


red arrowHere is 1 simple element that you MUST add to your copy if you currently don’t. If you do already use this – share your methods in a comment. But if you don’t – prepare to increase your conversions like crazy –

This one tactic will separate you from 99% of copywriters out there – and every time you sit at your computer, you’ll need to bring a big bag – because when cash comes flying out through your monitor you might want something to catch it with.

"Yes, I am a computer that spits cash. Muahaha! ...Oh come on, evil laughs are still cool!"

Here’s the tactic…

For every promise you make – prove it!

These days, testimonials are not enough to prove that your product or service works!

"I dun know about dese testimonial!"

People are skeptical of testimonials because they see them everywhere – and they wonder, “Are these things real? They sound too good to be true!”

Back up what you’re saying in other, creative ways – like out-of-the-box money back guarantees, scientific reasons why your product works, etc.

For example when I write ads and websites for fitness professionals – I always talk about the science behind the exercises.

For instance

“Studies show that cardio boosts your metabolism by up to 500% – so you burn fat even while you sleep. This is why you’ll get tons of cardio in every one of my workouts. In fact, you’ll start automatically losing weight after just one of my workouts.”

Even if I talk about a boot camp being fun – I explain that. For example –

“This is not a boring, clipboard workout – you will have fun at my boot camp! Expect to laugh and smile the whole way through! Afterall – the more fun you have, the more you come to boot camp. And the more you come to boot camp – the faster you see results!

This is why fun is such an important part of every one of my boot camp workouts!”

Even in that short paragraph I prove why having fun is important. It’s not some empty claim – and I prove what fun is too (smiling and laughing). It just makes sense – have fun = come to boot camp more = better results.

Anyone can understand that, and agree to it.

Are you making empty claims?

Here are examples of claims that are empty until you prove them. Never just throw out a claim without explaining it.

  • The #1 Boot Camp in Tennessee!
  • With my personal training, you’ll lose 2 pounds every workout!
  • Read my e-book and start getting 2 dates every week!
  • Now you can grow back all of your hair – everywhere! (haha…)
"This photograph indisputably proves the existence of Big Foot..."

Now, these claims are intriguing (some more so than others). But intrigue is only Step 1 – Proof is Step 2. As soon as someone is intrigued by one of your claims – they’ll begin to search your page for information supporting your claim.

Don’t let them go away empty handed!

They’ll become frustrated, and leave your site/ad.

Anyways, thanks for reading – and leave me comments about your ways of proving your claims – or what you got out of this post.

To better writing (and more money),



2 Replies to ““If you’re not using this 1 simple method in your copy… You’re leaving thousands of dollars out on the table.””

  1. Great Blog! Your Copywriting skills in the ads that I bought from you, have brought me so much business, That I’m I’m ready to become a student of the craft!

    Chris Scott, Fitness Coach

  2. Hey David – congrats on this new blog – you are brilliant at what you do! Thanks for the insight and info – much appreciated.

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