How seriously do you take your advertising copywriting?

Hey there,

I’ve noticed that there seems to be a huge divide between the level of importance business owners place on their advertising copywriting.

It seems people either realize how powerful learning and applying advertising copywriting can be to their businesses…

Or they don’t take it seriously at all, and might have never even heard of it.

Where do you stand on this spectrum?

Dan Kennedy describes copywriting as “asset building.” He says it’s the fundamental skill in all elements of marketing, because it’s what builds your “assets”.

To Kennedy, “assets” are clients. For instance, if you run a newspaper ad that gets you two clients who each pay you $8,000 – then you’ve added $16,000 in assets to your company. Now, say they pay you this fee every year – over the course of 5 years you’ve added $80,000 to your business from one ad – all because you took copywriting seriously and either spent the time and effort required to learn it, or hired someone who you trusted to get the job done.

What are your views on this?

How important is copywriting to your marketing efforts?

What do you think of Kennedy’s views on copywriting?

What are your own personal views on the importance of copywriting?

Share your answers! Scroll down and leave a comment!

Let’s get a good discussion going that we can all take part in and learn from.



3 Replies to “How seriously do you take your advertising copywriting?”

  1. very good. In this economy people have to spend money promoting their business or no one will hear about it. A good website is one way to promote yourself with the least amount of effort.

  2. Hey –

    That’s a great point. And even though a lot of people still have money right now, they’re more reluctant to spend it because of the “impending doom” of the economy.

    The cool thing about copywriting is it’s the basic art of persuasion – and the way people feel and think never really changes. So if you know copywriting, you can persuade people in any economy.

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