FREE Copywriting-Guidelines Software


So I found this program that lets you really easily make these nifty pieces of software…

So I threw together something for you that’ll help keep you on track, and get the juices flowing, next time you sit down to write copy.

Now, this is probably more for beginners – but even advanced writers in writer’s block will benefit from the questions being asked by the program.

Sometimes we have to come back to the basics. I know I do.

Here, check it out. It should take only like 3 seconds to download:

Let me know how it works 🙂


2 Replies to “FREE Copywriting-Guidelines Software”

    1. Hey, thanks Christian 🙂

      Glad it helped you out. How do you like the “made with unregistered version of…” tag at the bottom? lol!

      I look forward to seein’ you on the coaching calls. Great talking yesterday.


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