E-mail Marketing – the new sales letter?


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Now – for some e-mail marketing 🙂

People are selling products and services more and more from one simple thing…

Writing an e-mail and clicking “send”.

They don’t even send people to a website – they just provide everything in the e-mail.

Too crazy to be true?

Click play to learn how you can do it for your own business.

Email Marketing

So, is e-mail marketing the new sales letter? Are websites becoming more and more obsolete?

You tell me. Let me know your thoughts in a comment.

Talk soon,


13 Replies to “E-mail Marketing – the new sales letter?”

  1. Hey – just to clarify – when I say “sales letter” I mean a long form sales page with a ton of copy that pitches a product.

    Hope that clarifies that 🙂


  2. Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the awesome post, man. I’m gonna try out some of the tips you gave here and let you know how it went.

    Personally I think it’s good to have both a sales page and use e-mail marketing. It creates more opportunity for people to connect with you – what do you think?


    1. Hey Clint,

      Thanks man 🙂

      I agree for the most part… But I think if the list is already prepped, and super targeted, you could probably just send them to a small page with an “add to cart” button and a reminder of the 100% money back guarantee, maybe a testimonial or two to butter it up too. Definitely worth testing 😉

      1. Yeah…I see what you mean, that’s a good point. What do you mean by “the list is already prepped?” What sort of things do you suggest to create a responsive list? Maybe you could write a post about that?


        1. Hey Clint,

          By a “prepped” list I mean one that already wants what you have to offer – and wants it specifically from you. They’ve clearly expressed to you through comments, e-mails, etc., that they want x, y, and z. And you put out a product that takes care of x, y, and z.

          And they want it from you because they like you and trust you as a valuable source of information.

          I’m no list building expert, but from what I’ve seen, and what some of my friends have said (who are super list building experts)…

          The key is genuinely caring about your audience – and constantly providing them with information for FREE that they’d gladly pay for.

          Really over-deliver.

          Hope this helps man! Going into more detail in a post sounds like a good idea.

          Thanks again,

        2. I see what you mean. You know, I think when you’re doing something you care about you’ll care about the people who are in your niche, so it’s a good fit all around.

  3. Hey,

    Great post! You talk about a great point here – talking to people like they’re your friends. I think that’s a great thing to do, and also a great way to feel about your clients in general…I mean, where’s the fun in working unless you’re doing it with people who you genuinely like and resonate with? I think when you surround yourself with people like that, you really can’t go wrong, with e-mail marketing, with sales page, or any other advertising form. When you’re genuinely happy about the people who come into your life, that’s the message you’re going to put into to any kind of copy you write or advertising you put out.


      1. Hey – in case anyone doesn’t know – Lou is my business and life partner 😉 We see very eye-to-eye on making sales messages very “human” and “down to earth”.

  4. Great post, email marketing is definetly a great skill to have while marketing your business on the net. You guys should come out with an info product on how to right in direct response through email marketing and blogging .

    1. Hey Christian,

      GREAT idea dude. I just might have to do that. Got some ideas already… Thanks for the idea man 🙂

    2. Hey Christian,

      That’s an awesome idea indeed! I can envision it already. From the design perspective, we could also tie in the importance of formatting and some really simple design techniques to really increase response.

      Thanks for the awesome suggestion!


  5. You could certainly see your skills within the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who arent afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart. eedbbgbbddkb

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