Do this and (don’t) succeed

Hey there,

You’ll have to excuse me, because I’m a bit frustrated at the moment. Maybe I shouldn’t even be blogging right now, but I feel it’s a bit dishonest to only write when I feel good.

After all, as humans, we don’t just “feel good” all the time, do we? (Though it’s sometimes unfortunate), we feel a lot more.

You see, lately I’ve been in the company of people who take it upon themselves to “fix” everyone.

… By “fix” I mean they point out everything that they see “wrong” or “bad” about the person, and in a mean, disapproving tone, tell them what they should be doing with their life instead… (do you have one or two of these in your life?)

But it doesn’t stop there…

Because upon reading some sales pages, I realized something:

Many, many marketers do this to their clients and readers, too.

I think they don’t do it intentionally, but either way it’s inexcusable.

Simply put… People have enough crap in their lives that (trust me) you don’t want to be just another thing they have to put up with.

Now, sometimes you have to give people a hard time, and a lot of times they’ll give you a hard time first, but in your sales message –

Be a “good” guy / gal. Be a breath of fresh air.

Focus on your reader’s strengths. For instance, if you have a product that solves a major problem, have you ever thought to commend someone just for arriving at your page?

Because just by coming to your page, they’ve taken initiative toward solving their problem. And anytime someone takes action, that’s something worth thanking them for (imho).

Or commend them for dealing with that problem for so long. Many problems are no cake walk to deal with – so the fact that the person is dealing with it, has probably dealt with it for a long time, and continues to go on with their lives is definitely a strength.

The bottom line is…

… Before you sit down to write to your readers, address them in a video, or talk to them on the phone / tele-seminar / in a speech…

Focus on their strengths, and be compassionate about their weaknesses. Because we all have plenty of people in our lives who attack and judge at the drop of a hair.


p.s. I’d love your thoughts about this. Any time I’m frustrated a part of me feels like it’s all just in my head. What do you think?

p.p.s. I hope you’ve been having a great day, and a great week 🙂

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