A VERY cool copywriting trick.


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Okay… Now didn’t I just promise you a cool copywriting trick?

Here it is…

It’s very simple, but one of the most powerful realizations I’ve ever had about copywriting.

This “trick” will get you laser-focused on what exactly to say – and what NOT to say. Because often what you shouldn’t say is just as important to know as what you should.

Okay, here it is…

Ask yourself this question on ANYthing you’re writing copy for…

“Why is buying this product the biggest no-brainer ever?”

You’ll be amazed how quickly your brain pops out the most potent, compact reasons why your readers will want to buy your product or hire your services.

…And you’ll quickly cut through all the crap, too. You won’t write a single word of fluff. Everything you write will be for one purpose: to sell.

Now, I told you it’d be simple!

But you have to at least try it out!

And you can change the question around too, to make it work better for you.


“Why would someone have to be the dumbest person on earth to not buy this product?”


“What are all of the reasons that make this product the absolute BEST purchase someone has ever made?”

See, two things happen…

The first is your mind gets on track to answering that question. The way your sub-conscious works, when you ask it a question, it tries its best to come up with answer.

Often, I’ll ask that question, procrastinate for a few hours, and later that day I write brilliant copy. All because I focused super hard on the question, then let it simmer.

The second is you’ll get really enthusiastic about your product – and excited to write about it in your copy.

Enthusiasm is contagious.

Buyers have a sixth-sense for it. When you believe in your product, and you’re excited about it – it shows. People can feel it in every word you write.

Someone can write what “should” be the greatest copy ever – but it might be missing that one little thing… excitement.

Being excited puts you leagues ahead of everyone else – because most people write just for cash. But when you have a deeper purpose – when you really believe in what you’re selling – you’re on a whole ‘nother ladder.

Because remember…

That’s what copywriting is for. Selling stuff that helps people. Nothing else. And when you come up with the biggest reasons why someone would have to be a complete fool to not hire you or buy your product – you’re practically at the finish line.

So ask yourself that question, and then furiously write down whatever comes out of your brain.

Just write a raw, uncensored list. Don’t hold back.

Then, take those ideas, and turn them into well-written copy.

Oh, and let me know what you think.

Good luck, my friend 🙂


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