3 Simple Stages to Writing Copy

Hey there,

Today’s post is about the three stages of writing great copy.

Everyone’s writing process differs – but practically every copywriter on the planet goes through these 3 stages in their writing, from Gary Halbert to John Carlton.

In writing your own copy, there’s a great chance you go through these stages too.

But there’s a good chance that you’re not even aware that you’re going through these stages.

And as a result, you might get frustrated, and bogged down when you write copy.

You might think things like, “I just can’t write copy like those other guys do…”

Or… “I’m just not cut out for writing copy…”

Or… “Yeah, I see you using these things really well – but when I try they just don’t seem to work.”

If you’ve had thoughts like these, then there’s a good chance it’s because you just haven’t embraced these 3 stages to writing copy

Once you embrace them, though, things will change.

The frustration disappears and you’ll wonder why it was ever there in the first place.

Writing copy will be a fun and joyful process. I don’t care if you’re the worst writer on the planet – those self-defeating thoughts in your head are not true!

And though at times you may doubt yourself, once you embrace these 3 stages you won’t let it get to you. You’ll confront your doubt and turn it into confidence.

So that’s the point of today’s post – to clear your writer’s block and make writing copy a joyful, wide-open path.

The 3 stages:

1. “I Dunno”

In the first stage, you’re faced with the product/service you’re going to write about. You have a target market identified. Basically, you know who you’re going to sell to, and what you’re going to sell them.

So you research. You research your product/service inside and out. You research your target market inside and out. Find out what they want, and how you can give it to them. Find out their problems, obstacles, dreams, etc., etc., etc.

2. “Get to work!”

Then, you take all of this research you’ve done and you get to work. You pour it all out onto paper, or into the computer, in the form of copy. Things are looking good.

And then…

You get stuck. Or you start to doubt if what you’re writing is good. You cross out headlines, erase whole paragraphs, re-write other sections… but nothing seems good enough.

At this stage, a lot of people give up. They slap something together and call it a day, or they just stop trying altogether.

3. “Like Magic”

For the few who trudge on…

Something clicks and suddenly you “just get it”. You go back to that computer screen or notebook and write the most brilliant copy that product/service has ever seen. It flow “like magic”. And it sells like crazy.

Those are the 3 simple stages nearly every writer on the planet goes through, regardless of their writing process

Not everyone goes through these stages in that order, but they go through them.

And when it comes to that 3rd stage, most think the magic “just happens”, or it “happens by luck".”

But you can get to stage 3 as consistently as 2+2=4

When I say “something clicks and you suddenly get it” – what I mean is you can induce these “click” moments. It’s really simple too.

See in response to my own periods of writer’s block, frustration, and bogged-down-ness…

I’ve developed a method to get through it, so you can tap into your inner-brilliance and write highly inspired copy.

I call it my “You’re stuck… So what?” method

Let me break it down for you…

Every time I write copy, I know I’m going to get stuck.

Before I write a single word, I accept that it’s going to take more than one sitting to make it into brilliant, profit-driving copy.

So when I get stuck, it’s no big deal. I say, “so what?”

In fact, every time I get stuck, I’ve learned that it’s because a big, big, big idea’s coming.

And that idea just might revolutionize the piece of copy I’m writing.

Because right on the other end of that deep, perilous trench of writer’s block is a wealth of great ideas.

Here’s how you get there.


Accept that getting stuck is a part of the process –and believe it or not, it’s a productive part! It just means that your mind is concocting a great idea. If it were a software, it would say, “Please wait, profit-creating thought in progress…”

(you might even want to print that line out and hang it on the wall)


Go back to your research. Look over the same information you already have for hours and hours. Don’t look for anything specific, just read through it and take in as much as you can. If anything stands out, make a mental note of it.


Do nothing. Just let all of that info soak in. Let the ideas percolate. Give the “software” of your mind time to process. Take a walk, eat an orange, treat your loved one to a great meal. Do something enjoyable, and don’t even think about the copy.

Because soon after that…

Those ideas will come to fruition. They’ll fully develop in your mind, and want to get out!

You’ll become like a boiling tea pot, steaming with brilliant ideas. And you’ll rush over to your computer and type out every word that comes to your head.

Sometimes I type so frantically that Lou, in another room at the opposite end of the house, yells to me to keep it down because she can hear my typing from the other end of the house.

You can have this experience too, time after time, like clockwork.

Just embrace the 3 stages, and you’ll get there (without all the unnecessary frustration). Follow the method I’ve laid out for you and the good ideas will come, with no frustration along the way. Just good times.

And if you have any comments/suggestions/breakthroughs to share – please do so in a comment 🙂

Till next time,


2 Replies to “3 Simple Stages to Writing Copy”

  1. Hey Dave, that was such an awesome post and SOOO true…
    I didn’t even realize I was going through those steps, but when I read your post, it makes perfect sense.

    You have such an awesome way of taking complicated concepts and making them so simple!

    Thanks for the post bro… anyone who wants to be able to write kickass, client getting, money pulling sales copy needs to be reading your blog!

    Rock on in 2010
    Your bro, Steve

    1. Hey bro,

      Thanks for that awesome comment! Your latest video is super powerful. Anyone looking to develop a positive, successful mindset should click on your name and check it out.

      Talk soon 😉


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