20 Things to Keep In Mind While Writing “Killer” Copy


Got a 20-point checklist of things to remember when writing your successful copy. Oh, and make sure you read the “bonus” #21 (I think it’s the best ;-)).

Presenting… 20 things to keep in mind when writing “killer” copy:

  1. Spend more than 15 minutes on your headline (it’s that important)
  2. Write like you’re actually writing to another person (make it real)
  3. Write a story – and use it to let your prospect imagine how their life could be different
  4. Use your story to establish a sincere, genuine connection with your reader
  5. Bold the important parts of testimonials – and give each testimonial a good headline
  6. Keep your paragraphs very small – and break them up with bolded sub-heads
  7. People really DO read all that writing – as long as it speaks to their desires
  8. Find out what your prospects want and give it to them
  9. Use your prospects’ own language to describe their problems and desired outcomes
  10. Make an offer so good that someone would have to be out of their mind to pass it up
  11. Provide a guarantee. This shows you stand behind your work, and you believe in it.
  12. Longer guarantees normally REDUCE refunds.
  13. Design matters. Use colors, shapes, and fonts that appeal to your target market. Aren’t sure what appeals to them? Ask!
  14. Just don’t make the design only for you! If you like it – that’s great – but make sure your target market likes it even more.
  15. Make your first 3-5 testimonials from people who address the key objections of your readers. For example, people who say they’re “so glad they paid the money” – “well worth the investment” – “was not nearly as intimidating or hard as I thought it’d be” … Stuff like that.
  16. Interview your customers, dig deep, and find out the REAL reasons they want to buy from you.
  17. Put testimonials and a reminder of your guarantee on your order page. This will encourage people who otherwise would change their mind at the last second.
  18. Charge what you’re worth. If you think your price is too high – DON’T lower it. Instead, add bonuses so that it seems like it’s a steal.
  19. Write paragraphs for your bonuses as if each was its own product that someone would be lucky to BUY. Never mind that they’re getting it for free – still sell them on it.
  20. Believe in what you’re selling. It’ll shine through.

21. You’re a total copywriting bad ass 🙂 Never forget it.

Did I leave anything out? Let me know in a comment!



7 Replies to “20 Things to Keep In Mind While Writing “Killer” Copy”

  1. Hey,

    Cool list. I totally agree about “actually writing to another human being.” Makes such a difference. Especially with all the over-hyped, over-selling crap out there.

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Nice post! My first few designs were very masculine but I loved them….too bad my target market didn’t…lol. Your advise to change the colors and feel of the site made a big difference. Thanks!

  3. My partner and i still can not quite think that I could often be one of those studying the important tips found on your web site. My family and I are truly thankful for your generosity and for offering me the chance to pursue my personal chosen career path. Appreciate your sharing the important iniotmarfon I acquired from your site.

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